Heroes Square believes that bringing stories of Filipino heroism to life and celebrating Filipino heritage can enlighten people and lead them towards personal, social, and national transformation.


For students, our tours are co-curricular enrichment programs that aim to form the entire person, and not simply impart information. For foreign guests, balikbayans, and the general public, we offer tours that excite and inspire the heart, the imagination, and the spirit.

Heroes Square tours feature multimedia and theatrical shows presented in various sites in Intramuros. These include walking tours, plays, dance, music, living history, and more.

By showing that the world of our heroes is still the world we live in today, Heroes Square aims to move people to see the Philippines with new eyes, to ignite dreams of greater possibility for the Filipino. By showing that our heroes are people like ourselves, with lives like our own, Heroes Square aims to embolden and empower everyone into realizing that we, too, can be heroes.


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Heroes Square opened its first season with Tours for
leading private schools in Metro Manila.

Xavier School
Grade 7 and 1st Year High School

Ateneo Grade School
Grade 5

San Beda College Alabang
1st Year High School

Heroes Square also sponsored a tour for the project
of Intramuros Administration, Pasyal Aral.
Heroes Square Tours are for students and adults alike. Companies including Coca-Cola Bottlers, Inc., and 24/7 International went on a Heroes Square Tour as their company’s Team Building Activity.

Aside from Corporate Tours, Heroes Square was also able to perform for cruise ship passengers aboard Holland America and also during a class reunion of the alumna of Maryknoll College.
Apart from giving tours, Heroes Square has also been invited to perform for different groups and institutions.

Jose Rizal’s 149th Birthday Anniversary
Event organized by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines and attended by the descendants of heroes from the Kaanak Foundation.
19 June 2010

An Evening of Change
Dinner with Pastor Erwin McManus and was attended by Sen. Francis Pangilinan, DSWD Sec. Dinky Soliman, DOT Sec. Alberto Lim, DepEd Sec. Bro. Armin Luistro, FSC, DepEd Under Sec. Rizalino Rivera, Rizal Province Gov. Junjun Ynares, Mr. Jun Lozada, and journalist Mr. Cito Beltran
9 August 2010

National Celebration of Rizal’s
114th Death Anniversary

Finale of the program organized by National Historical Commission of the Philippines
29 December 2010

Entrepreneurs’ Organization

Performed during cocktails of EO’s fellowship night.
22 January 2010

Lewis-Halpern Wedding
Performed and mingled with the guests during cocktails at the wedding of Loida Lewis’ Daughter.
19 February 2010

Intramuros Foundation Week and Press Conference
Performed a musical on the life and death of Jose Rizal.
14 and 15 April 2011

General Staff Meeting of NCCA
Invited performance for the National Commision for Culture and the Arts
18 April 2011

Heroes Square has been active in supporting the Intramuros Administration (IA) in its endeavors in bringing back vitality to the old walled city. In March 2011, Heroes Square joined the Intramuros Tourism Council (ITC), initiated by the IA and is composed of members of the private sector in Intramuros.

Heroes Square has also been working with National Historical Commision of the Philippines (NHCP) in their efforts to make the public aware of Jose Rizal’s 150th Birthday Celebration, as well as participating in the different Rizal-related activities of the commission. The NHCP has acknowledged Heroes Square’s Rizal@150 Tours of Intramuros as one of the official events during Rizal’s Sesquicentennial celebration.

The Department of Education has also given Heroes Square accreditation for its Educational Tours.
  • It’s a journey that’s not just about getting on a Tranvia or hearing some beautiful music or watching a play. It’s about nation and history, and the possibility of taking home some heroism, the kind that might just be about keeping the heart open to the unjust and unfair, and knowing that you have to speak of it, regardless of how times have changed.



We are able to provide the students with a memorable experience of celebrating Filipino heroism and give them opportunities to see Intramuros with new eyes.


Sta. Barbara, under the giant Mango tree

At the original site of Ateneo Municipal de Manila, participants will meet the young Rizal as a student then in Ateneo, with his favorite Jesuit teacher, Fr. Francisco de Paula Sanchez, SJ. Rizal and Padre Sanchez will talk about Rizal’s wonderful and challenging experiences in life as a student.

¡Viva La Independencia:
The Rise and Fall of Filipino Freedom

Plaza Moriones, Fort Santiago

Led by a comic couple who dramatize and reenact significant events in Philippine history, participants will experience an animated, theatrical walking tour of Fort Santiago. This walking tour gives participants the occasion to experience a journey into the rise and fall of the Filipinos’ struggle for freedom in various periods of Philippine history.

Katipunan: Pagkakaisa para sa Kalayaan

Walls of the Sulaiman Theater

Using dance, music, and theater, participants will experience an intense street theater piece that takes them on a kinetic journey along the walls of Intramuros. They will meet Andres Bonifacio, Gregoria de Jesus, Emilio Jacinto and learn about the Philippine Revolution.

Ang Huling Paalam ng Gamu-gamo

Rizal Shrine

At the Valedictory Hall of Rizal Shrine, participants will meet José Rizal, Josephine Bracken, Doña Teodora Alonzo and Padre Sanchez in a heartwarming musical drama presentation on the life and heroism of our National Hero. The presentation invites the audience to reflect on the question: What was Rizal’s life all about?

"Ang bawat tagumpay ay nakakamit sa pagtitiyaga at
pagpupursige at hindi lamang sa pagiging matalino."

Pepe (Batang Rizal: Ulirang mag-aaral)

  • It inspired me to think of the different ways by which I can
    recognize them for the great things they have done.



Heroes Square believes that bringing stories of Filipino heroism to life and celebrating Filipino heritage can ignite heroism in other people.

Heroes Square Teaser (2013)


"Huwag nating sayangin ang panahon sa paghihintay nang walang ginagawa!
Hindi darating at hindi mangyayari nang kusa ang kalayaan ng ating bansa!"

Andres Bonifacio (Muralla)


Be transformed and inspired as Heroes Square takes you on a hero’s journey , through the historic Intramuros.

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